The skills learned through busking will transform showmanship in all fields of the variety arts.

One of the great benefits of the School of Busking is that students are able to transfer the skills learned.
Over the years the School of Busking has attracted students not only from all over the world but from many different walks of life. Circus performers, magicians, vocalists, and comedians.  We’ve also had schoolteachers, bankers, accountants, and lawyers. In addition, we have had an exceptional amount of students from the services – mainly from the Fire Brigade and police services. What all these people from different walks of life have in common is that they’re all going through a transitional change in their career and life.

In some cases, they are reaching a time in their life when they want to try something new. They want to develop new skills and explore new horizons. Street performing creates the perfect challenge and the skills learned are transferable into a variety of arts and the corporate world.

I have often said, the School of Busking does not create street performers but rather street performers create themselves. What we do that is so unique and effective, is that we create a greenhouse effect that presents attendees with their own breakthroughs. This has often been described as life changing. In addition here at the School of Busking, we thrive on your breakthroughs and success. Training and support doesn’t end when the course ends.  We stay in touch with lots of our attendees and often award winning and top leading acts tribute part of their success to the School of Busking.

Here at the School of Busking, we create a rich learning experience. Learn how to attract an audience, keep that audience, learn the secrets of how to get your audience to respond to your message. Take your show and career to whole new level. Discover greater confidence and make friends that will support you to your end goal.

Mario Morris