The School of Busking since 2006, has been described by many students, associated teachers and facilitators as life changing. The Worlds first school for street performing has seen transformations taking place not only with our students but also with ourselves.

So much has changed since the early days of the school, the first weekend in my mind was going to be a one off, yet six months of work and research went into it. It was a fantastic weekend, the experience was truly life changing and I speak for myself as well as the students. I had no Idea of the door I just walked through. No sooner had I finished the first course, then requests came in for more training and teaching. You don’t have to be a street performer to benefit from our training. Over the years, the work has transpired into coaching, public speaking and event facilitating. We have attracted students from many different  countries some of whom use the school as a springboard to their own European tour and in some cases World tours. Back In 2010, Veronica and I started to work with Jeff McBride and the Magic &  Mystery School in Las Vegas and many other opportunities to perform and teach began to open up to us around the world.

We love what we do and, constantly investing into improving our skills not just as performers but as a coach, mentor, and trainer. For example, recently I completed the academic year level 7 PGCe of training in Coaching and Mentoring at Oxford Brookes University. Whilst Veronica focused on her own studies by adding a higher level certificate to that she already has for Training for Trainers. You see, in our practice, we are 100% committed to providing you with the best we can bring. So wanting to discover your key strengths or aiming to improve your performance there is a lot more going on at the School of Busking than what first meets the eye – performing, mentoring, training, one to one coaching to name just a few.

If we can be of help or service to you, then you can contact us for a 100% free consultation and If we can help you then we will certainly point you in the right direction.

Mario Morris