The School of Busking

Since 2006


The School of Busking was founded in 2006 by Mario Morris, the School of Busking provides live and online resources to help you learn more about the art of street theatre and busking.    Read our BLOG, vist our FREE resources page for advice from international street performers.   Our products page has a range of items ideal for both stage and street performance.  We have courses and events running throughout the year.  Sign up for our newsletter and receive free access to video seminars with lots of free advice.   Mario also provides one to one focus training days – looking at your performance and working on the areas that YOU want to improve on.  Contact us here with any questions or enquiries about our courses.



  • Discover more hidden talents
  • Develop greater Confidence
  • Boost your communication skills 
  • Enhance your creativity
  • Improve your performance
  • Learn how to: Attract a crowd and turn them into an audience
  • Keep and Entertain an audience
  • Lead your audience to respond to your message


Founded in 2006 The School of Busking has had taught students and visitors from all walks of life from around the globe. Magicians,  public speakers, storytellers, comedians, children’s entertainers, circus performers, musicians, teachers as well as Doctors, Lawyers, members of the Police, and fire Services as well students of university and life. All our students  have experienced personal break throughs and fantastic comradeship of the School. Some have gone on to win in local and national competitions.

School of Busking