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In response to these uncertain times, we are offering people the oppurtinity to both support their own learning and by default support us at the School of Busking. 

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12, 13 and 14 June 2020


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Stepping into freedom

Stepping into freedom

The next part of our freedom journey was first making the decision to move out of our dwelling that has been home for the past 7 years and then once the decision was made, it began to feel that events began to dovetail together, confirming that we have...

Transformation, training and busking

Transformation, training and busking

The School of Busking since 2006, has been described by many students, associated teachers and facilitators as life changing. The Worlds first school for street performing has seen transformations taking place not only with our students but also with ourselves. So...

Paul Dawson Guest Blogger

Paul Dawson Guest Blogger

Paul Dawson is a talented close-up magician and when we first met had a stage show set to music.  Paul wanted to bring his voice to his magic show and came to the School of Busking Street Theatre and Busking course last year and from the first weekend after the course...