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Your Story, Your Performance 

We provide top class training so you can do deliver as a top class professional 

15 and 16 September 2018 

The Avalon Rooms,




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“Thank you, Mario and Veronica… Because of time spent with Mario and his teachings I have the confidence and skill, to know that I can always finish my show strong. You brought a point of really magical transformation and friendship into my life.”

Gavin De Merssemen

Travelling performer

“A powerful, moving and brilliant weekend. I loved every minute of it. Veronica and Mario are fabulous trainers – everything was presented in a clear way.
Tina Sayer

Family Coach UK

“Coaching with Mario Morris is an invaluable tool to empower your self-development and your path to success.”

Rebecca Szwandt

Founder, Strechy Suzie's Yoga Centres, Cardiff

Your Story, Your Performance is designed to hand over skills that will empower you to become a stronger and more confident presenter, host or performer.

  •     Gain greater confidence as a performer
  •     Gain greater confidence in yourself
  •     Generate greater value in yourself and what you offer
  •     Discover your niche
  •     Gain new insights on how to build a show
  •     Become a stronger performer
  •     Create more shows and leads
  •     Generate more revenue
  • Sharpen your focus and your message
  • Manage and hold the space and your audience.
  • Take your confidence to the next level.
  • Discover the secrets of delivering and getting the response you want
  • Get top class feedback on your presentation
  • Gain a certificate of attendance.

Are you a performer, workshop host, or storyteller, do you have a book to launch or presentation to give? Ready to take your positive message and development to the next level. Do so with leading experts that international performers, presenters and Las Vegas Magicians go to for training.

limited to eight participants

Practical two days hands on training and transformational group coaching, mentoring, workshops and loads of feedback

with Mario Morris and Veronica Conway

Do you have a dream to perform or wish you could develop the skills and confidence to take you to the next level, or do you already have the skills and now are ready to receive mentoring and feedback to develop your presentation or show further? Then, this focus is for you. We have performers, trainers and workshops hosts all over the world who have trained with the School of Busking that have transformed their lives. We have seen performers who felt intimidated by small or large groups, who are now out there as entertainers and motivational speakers. Many of our students have gone on to win 1st place awards, national titles and more recently prestigious titles such as the Magic Circle close up Magician of the year (2 years in a row). You see, the School of Busking is dedicated not just to the weekend focus but your whole journey, your focus and your dream goal. Build your focus into your dream show goal whilst living the life you want to live. Use The School of Busking to get focused.

What Do We Do:

We provide a safe learning fun environment. We create nourishing spaces were you can grow and cultivate your own presentation or show and grow your confidence.

Who Is If For:

Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced students of Performing art, Magicians, Workshop Hosts, Speakers, Presenters, Street entertainers, Poets, Storytellers –  the list is up to you – contact us if your not sure.

How do we do it:

We draw from a wealth of experience of performing from Street Theatre, Cabaret and Stage performances providing tips and first class insights, through theory, interactive workshops, breakout groups and practical opportunities to perform that you will receive feedback on. 

Program - open here

Day 1

10.30   Registration

11.00 Orientation and opening circle

11.30 Know your story –  the power of your story

12.30  Lunch

1.30  Presentation tips and advice 

2.30  Interactive workshop

3.30  Feedback and more tips

4.30 Power of Projection

5.00    End of Day 1

Day 2       

10.30   Opening, feedback any questions              

11.00   Breakthrough exerciese

12.00  Presentation and performance ideas and tips, skill share

12.30    Lunch

1.30     Stand & Deliver rehearsal and delivery

 2.30    Feedback

3.30    Last words, networking, and closing circle

4.00    Goodbyes and see you again!

Your Story, Your Performance – a self development 2 day focus in Glastonbury, UK.  

The founder of the School of Busking, trainer and coach Mario Morris  together with his team, will lead you through a captivating experience consisting of lectures, workshops and performing.  The course is limited to 8 students.

If you have any questions about the course – please contact Veronica on 07462535533 or email her at

Mario Morris Magician, storyteller, world-renowned outdoor, stage and theatre performer and comedy magician – in 2006 he founded the School of Busking in 2006 in the UK. He specialises in coaching, mentoring and empowering performers to perform. He Is a certified practitioner by Oxford Brookes University. He is a guest performer, teacher and coach of the McBride in Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas. He is an expert coach and motivational speaker. He has performed at events across the world with his magic show. He has performed from the street to the stage and has taught many the world over.

Veronica Conway is fully certified, trainer and mentor.  She is passionate in seeing people reaching their goal and stepping into the fullness of their dreams. Her vast experience in mentoring and training spans over two decades.In 2007  Veronica left full time employment as a coach and trainer to became a freelancing trainer, mentor, public speaker, inspirational storyteller and performer. As a freelancer, Veronica’s experience has rocketed, not just from world travel – she has invested a considerable amount of her focus on developing her skills. Veronica balances her life between performing, coaching,  training and travel.

“An excellent resource at an affordable price for anyone who wants to focus on thinking clearer about themselves and their vocation.” 

Colin Lanfear

Entertainer , Magic & Mystery School, Las Vegas

Venue address

The Avalon Rooms, The Avalon Experience, High Street, Glastonbury.

There are a variety of Hotels, Airbnbs and bed and breakfast in and around Glastonbury.  Accommodation and food is the responsibility of the student during the course.

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Mario and Veronica really helped me with some new ideas and things that I can change around and really improve it and bring my show to another level.”

Dave Richards


Here is what some  students have to say about previous School of Busking Courses

 “An incredible experience.  As a teacher with more then 20 years in the classroom, I know the amount time and effort it took to pull this off and they did it in every way!  Nothing was held back – all questions answered and all subjects covered! 

Douglas Kennedy


“After the first night of ‘theory’ my head was overflowing with all the information and ideas presented to us. On the Saturday we began to put the ideas of building a crowd, entertaining a crowd and passing the hat together into shows, under Mario’s guidance. On the Saturday I went from having no show at all to having a complete show (though it still needs ALOT of work).

On the Sunday, after a run through of the performances, we headed out onto the streets to perform. It was such a buzz! And it is thanks to Mario that I got out there and did it, not sure that I ever would without his help (thanks Mario).

Aiden Whyte

Hobbyist Performer

“…..Mario and Veronica who organised the course, have done so well – they have put so much work and passion into the weekend and I have enjoyed it immensely” 

Nick Stein

Magician and Street Perfomer