Beyond digital platforms, one area that will always survive and thrive is outdoor Street Theatre.

We are providing two days of School of Busking training via Zoom.

LIVE AND ONLINE – £125 Limited spaces

This fun, informative, interactive live training covers everything from:  

The School of Busking –  is designed to hand over the skills of a street performer.

Learn how to

  • Attract a crowd
  • Turn a crowd into an audience
  • Keep an audience
  • Entertain an audience
  • Overlap your material

    Turn your crowd into a paying audience

We will go in depth into crowd management – crucial in these times. We will cover hecklers, police and finding a good place to perform.

You will also experience a live magic show and then discover the psychology and thinking behind it.

Also, you will be able to share a part of your own show.

For magicians, circus performers, storytellers and theatrical performers.

Street Theatre. The Final Frontier!


Street Theatre & Busking

The outdoor platform for performers


The world is changing and with it so is the entertainment industry. Countless of indoor venues and theatres are closing their doors and with this, opportunities for performers.

The School of Busking was founded in 2006 – the first school of its kind and is leading the way in getting your show ready for the streets.

If you can’t get people to come inside to see your show – take your show outdoors to the people.

This is the time to get your show ready for open-air street theatre!

Online School of Busking Course

Honoured to have been part of the first online School of Busking. Would do it again. Highly Recommended!!

June 2020

Gareth Bell



This course is well structured and enough time was give for everything including getting to know the other students to fast friendships

Bruce Lish, Brooklyn, New York


A fabulous learning environment with an expert teacher

Colin Dymond, UK

Entertainer, School of Busking 2018

Without doubt the best money I have spent on furthering my skills and knowledge of magic and performance.

Mark Keeble, UK

Magician , School of Busking 2018

A great experience and I would not be surprised if this event will change my performing career for ever! 

Jan Siebold, Hamberg, Germany

Magician, School of Busking 2018

I’ve been on this course 3 times and I highly recommend it!  I get inspired each time I attend.

Paul Dawson, UK

Magician and entertainer

Mario Morris Magician, storyteller, world-renowned outdoor, stage and theatre performer and comedy magician – in 2006 he founded the School of Busking in 2006 in the UK. He specialises in coaching, mentoring and empowering performers to perform. He Is a certified practitioner by Oxford Brookes Universty. He is a guest performer, teacher and coach of the McBride in Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas. He is an expert coach and motivational speaker. He has performed at events across the world with his magic show. He has performed from the street to the stage and has taught many the world over.