Street Magic and Wizardry


Sundays 14th and 21st of June 2020




Where magicians, circus performers, bards and storytellers develop their skills and take their performance to the next level.

The Focus

Street Magic and Wizardry focus is Where magicians, circus performers, bards and storytellers develop their skills and take their performance to the next level.

You will bring your skills of performance and infuse them with real meaning.

The magician will learn to entwine magic with story

Storytellers and poets will learn magic they can use to empower their stories 

All will discover how to frame your performance with meanigfull illustrations.

Learn about

  • The power of storytelling and magic
  • How to frame your performance
  • How to attract a crowd
  • How to keep a crowd
  • How to turn that crowd into an audience 
  • How to get your message across


  • Shows and demonstrations
  • Stories and magic with meaning
  • Powerful lectures
  • Empowering presentations
  • Workshops
  • 1-1 coaching and feedback on your Performances 

This 2 day focus will deliver workshops, breakout groups and then, exclusive 1 – 1 coaching session on your show  with constructive feedback. 

Passing the hat is a sideline in this focus.  Here you wil learn the skills of creating real magic in your own and your audiences lives.

What Do We Do:

We provide a safe learning fun environment for performers. A place were you can grow and cultivate your own act and learn the art of  street performing.

Who Is If For:

Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced students of Performing art, Magicians, Comedians, Circus Performers, Street entertainers,  Story Tellers, Dancers the list is up to you, contact if your not sure.

How do we do it:

We draw from a wealth of experience of Street Theatre, Cabaret and Stage performances providing tips and first class insights, through theory –  we even demonstrate the theory through workshops so we can  put into practice what we have been learning.

The Program

Day one –  Lecures, presesntation, workshops

Day Two – lectures, workshops, performances, feedback 

1-1 coaching and constructive feedback on your show (future event) 

Testomonies from School of Busking and Mario Morris students and fellow teachers and magicians.

Working with Mario was a great pleasure.  He has years of experience, and, more importantly, knows how to communicate this experience to students of the art.  Patience and professionalism combine to create an excellent learning environment.  We look forward to continuing our classes and including Mario in our programs. 

Jeff McBride

Performer and Magician, International Magician, Performer and Teacher , Magic & Mystery School, Las Vegas

An incredible experience.  As a teacher with more then 20 years in the classroom, I know the amount time and effort it took to pull this off and they did it in every way!  Nothing was held back – all questions answered and all subjects covered!

Douglas Kennedy


The school opened up a lot of new opportunities for me. So much so that I’m back again this year, and looking forward to it. can’t think where else you’d get so much GREAT info in such a short time. Intensive – sure – but – GREAT! 

Del Boy

Magician and Entertainer

“I would recommend the school to anyone looking to further their knowledge of performance. Once we had soaked up all the knowledge we were giving the chance to workshop our own routines and material and get feedback from Mario. This  whole process was invaluable.

Darren Campbell


Mario and Veronica did so well in putting on this course – they have put so much work and passion into the weekend and I have enjoyed it immensely

Nick Stein

Magician and Street Perfomer

Your Teacher and Host

Your host – man of magic, comedy, story teller and world renowned outdoor theatre  performer and comedy magician – Mario Morris – who specialises in bizare magic, outdoor theatre, magic and escapology.   He is also a certified level 7  coach & mentor He has performed at events across the world and with his one man comedy magic show he has performed from the street to the stage. He is an expert in teaching on the subject of Street Theatre. He lectures and performs world wide.

He founded the School of Busking  in 2006 and has taught many students over the years. He now entwines into his new founded company Magic & Wizardry. Mario also hosts the Focus on Street Magic with Jeff McBride in the Magic & Mystery School  annually in Las Vegas since 2010.

Combine a coach, trainer and speaker with a inspirational magician and you have Mario Morris

Jeff McBride, Las Vegas Headliner Magician