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Items tagged with "close up"

  • Gambling moves with cards with Simon Lovell

    Gambling moves with cards with Simon Lovell

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    • 3 DVDs
    • On these DVDs sleight-of-hand expert Simon Lovell has put together an incredible collection of gambling moves and more for your learning pleasure.
    • Everything is fully explained so that, with some practice time, you'll be able to do these moves too!
    • The moves range from easy to knuckle-busting so there really is something for everybody!
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  • Silks of Attraction

    Silks of Attraction

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    • Mario Morris developed this routine on the streets, and has been using this effect to attract audiences for over 2 decades.
    • Now he is teaching this very effective rountine, stage by stage.
    • Receive every you need plus streaming instructions on how to do this great effect.
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