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Clap & Cheer Cups & Balls DVD

  • Routine fully explained
  • Table cloth pull fully explained
  • Real, live performances of his routine
This DVD includes real live performances of Mario's   routine in a variety of venues and countries.  
It also includes step by step instructions to his routine.

Real Audiences - Real Shows!  Las Vegas - on the Strip and at Wonderground; Mario’s performance at a European Busking Festival.  Mario Morris goes through detailed teaching instructions and unpacks his routine that has entertained countless audiences throughout the world - both outdoor and indoors.
  • Types of Loads
  • Types of Cups
  • How to Prep the Cups
  • Types of Surfaces
  • Table Cloth Pull
  • The Routine Explained
  • Talking through the routine - all phases -
  • Handling explained from Mario’s unique table and case
  • Handling explained using a regular table & pouch
  • Bonus Material
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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    I used a great part of your routine to make my own setup for a competition in Belgium, won 3the price (there was no 1st and 2the price so mathematically I had 1st price) I used flower pots and seeds for my routine. At the end there was 3 lemons and 3 flowerpots of compost coming out with a special gimmick a engineered myself. The big finale was a Coconut. Thanks for the routine that I have seen in Sankt Wendel Germany many year ago from you. Regards Gunter (Belgium)

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