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Clap & Cheer Cups & Balls DVD

  • Mario Morris Cups and Balls Routine, Clap and Cheer fully explained
  • Table cloth pull is fully explained
  • Real, live performances of his routine are all broken down and explained.
  • With loads of bonus material, see the description for more details.
Mario performing Clap and Cheer Cups and Balls, The original Street Coffee Cups and Balls Created and performed by Mario Morris Great routine for both Street Performing and indoor performances Guaranteed high energy finale Theme the routine to your style and performance A creative twist on a classic routine These streaming videos include real live performances of Mario’s routine in a variety of venues and countries.
They also include step-by-step instructions to his routine.
Real Audiences – Real Shows! Las Vegas – on the Strip and at Jeff McBride Wonderground show; Mario’s performance at a European Busking Festival. Mario Morris goes through detailed teaching instructions and unpacks his routine that has entertained countless audiences throughout the world – both outdoor and indoors.
  • PLUS Types of Loads Types of Cups
  • How to Prep the Cups
  • Types of Surfaces
  • Table Cloth Pull The Routine Explained
  • Talking through the routine – all phases –
  • Handling explained from Mario’s unique table and case
  • Handling explained using a regular table & pouch
  • Bonus Material Videos Commitment,
  • Terms & Etiquette
  •  Final Thoughts
  • Over-the-Shoulder Camera View
  • Flip Stick Teaching Segment
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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    I used a great part of your routine to make my own setup for a competition in Belgium, won 3the price (there was no 1st and 2the price so mathematically I had 1st price) I used flower pots and seeds for my routine. At the end there was 3 lemons and 3 flowerpots of compost coming out with a special gimmick a engineered myself. The big finale was a Coconut. Thanks for the routine that I have seen in Sankt Wendel Germany many year ago from you. Regards Gunter (Belgium)

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