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1 hour Skype session with Mario Morris

  • 1 hour Skype session with Mario is £65 or
  • choose the 3 session program and each session is only £50
  • We suggest for getting the best out of your time with Mario to book in for the 3 session program and over a period of time work with Mario and see your aims and goals that you set with him become a reality.

Whether you are a creative individual, an entrepreneur or performance-based business and you want to build your business or step into the life that you know you deserve then you can have one on one coaching session with Mario - where ever you are - over Skype.  
Your  confidence, self-assurance and a real sense of focus will grow. 

When you book your session, contact Veronica on 
or call 07865402281 or 07462535533
When you talk to Veronica, between you we can schedule in a time that suits both you and Mario
To prepare for your Skype session with Mario
Find a comfortable place with good WiFi access
Send a Skype request to mariomorrismagic
Have a note of what you want to cover with Mario - you may have discussed in your consultation.

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