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  • Some of the best routines for street magic
  • Learn how to thrill your audience on the street
  • Routines with ropes, coins, handkerchiefs and cigarettes explained.

The Cellini Streetmagic Lecture Zurich 
We are proud to present this new DVD by the King of Streets "Jim Cellini". Cellini explains and shows some of his very best routines and tricks that he conceived over many years. These routines were performed with great success on the streets all over the world. This DVD is an ideal add-on to Cellini's book "The Royal Touch". Learn to thrill your audiences on the street, how to cope with hecklers, how to dress and chose your props and more. Cellini explains routines with ropes, coins, handkerchiefs, cigarettes and more. Don't miss this DVD. 
Here a glimpse into the contents of this DVD:
• Introduction
• Hank Routine
• Coin Routine
• Cigarette Routine:
• Rope Routine
• Cups & Balls Routine
• Color, Sound & Movement
• The Pitch
• Costumes
• The Pouches
• The Rope
• The Table
• How to Get a Crowd
• Working in Restaurants
• Inside the Costume & Topit
• The Hats
• Keep It Simple - The Gypsy
• Passing the Hat
• Slydini's Thumb Tip
• Slydini's Method for Coin Magic
• Vanishing Coins:
• Cigarette Magic
• Cigarette Eating
• Doing the Cups & Balls
• How to Get a Crowd (2)
• The Loop-Ball
• The Salt-Pour
• Discussing Magic
• Cellini's Ring Routine (without explanation)
(Duration: app.90min

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