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Complete online busking and street performing course

  • What makes a good finale
  • Hat Lines - how to make your audience pay!
  • How to attract a crowd
  • How to keep your audience
  • Guest appearances, interviews and lectures from international performers and street performers

THE complete ONLINE BUSKING AND STREET MAGIC COURSE. This is the most comprehensive online street theater course in the world, presented by the School of Busking. We have hours of online training, guest interviews. As a result of listening to our current online students who have been helping us build the course with their feedback for the past year. We will be adding more PDF files, breaking down shows with explanations and lot more.

We do not teach magic effects in this course.  You will learn the theory behind street theatre and tips and advice on what makes a good street show, including your finale, how to attract a crowd, turn them into an audience and keeping your audience. 

Over 3.5 hours of teaching material, pdfs, lectures, guest interviews, clips from live street shows, full streets show.  

Just some of the content: 

What is busking?
Definition of a busker
Different types of busking shows
The language of a street performer
Hat lines
What makes a good finale
Different busking locations - All about pitches
Different approaches to attracting a crowd
Have a better understanding of attracting a crowd
How to control your audience
The middle of your show
The Time Warp
How to deal with distractions
More on hat lines
History of a bottler 
What is a blow-off?
Bonus interviews and material from the original School of Busking DVD
An interview with Adam Flowers - Vegas street performer
Adam Flowers full show
Paul Draper lecture on corporate and festival entertaining
Ongoing updates



  1. Online Busking Course - Module 1 - Finales

    9 Videos
  2. Online Busking Course Module 2 - attracting an audience

    11 Videos
  3. Online Busking Module 3 - The middle of your show

    20 Videos
  4. Online Busking Module 4 - Seminars, lectures, interviews, full street shows and much more

    11 Videos
Media Type Online Course

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