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Each module covers many different subjects and is a complete lesson in themselves.

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Finales, attracting an audience, keeping your audience, the middle of your show, bonus lectures, seminars, interviews, discussions, PDFs and we will be adding more as we hear what our students want more of.

Streaming videos and downloadable files. 

A good finale is key to a successful street show, so Mario focuses on the end of a street show at the beginning of this course enabling you to get on with practicing and taking it out in front of a real audience.   Then go on to learn the secrets of not only how to attract your audience, but how to keep your audience.  Additional lectures and seminars from Mario plus a lecture from magician Paul Draper and his insights into corporate and festival performing.  Full street show from a Las Vegas performer, interviews from international street performers, examples from live shows to demonstrate points in his talks.

This online course is designed for anyone interested in putting a street show  together  or for anyone that wants to improve their street show that they already are working on.

  • What is busking?
  • Definition of a busker
  • Different types of busking shows
  • The language of a street performer
  • Bylaws
  • Hat lines
  • What makes a good finale
  • Different busking locations – All about pitches
  • Different approaches to attracting a crowd
  • Have a better understanding of attracting a crowd
  • How to control your audience
  • The middle of your show
  • The Time Warp – the way of the time lord seminar
  • How to deal with distractions
  • More on hat lines
  • History of a bottler
  • What is a blow off?
  • Interview with Adam Flowers – Vegas street performer
  • Adam Flowers full show
  • Paul Draper lecture on corporate and festival entreating
  • Ongoing updates and interviews, videos and tips
  • Bonus interviews and material from the original School of Busking DVD
This course will give you advice and tips on busking and street theatre.

We focus on your show or the development of your show, by looking at the theory of street theater and tips and advice to help you build your street show.   You can learn from the experts about busking and street theatre – Mario has been street and festival performing around the world for over 20 years and learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t, and now he is passing that lifetime of knowledge on to you.

A good finale is key to a successful street show. This is why we focus on the end of a street show at the beginning of this course – in module 1 – so you can get out there and start doing it in front of a real, live audience and begin to improve and polish your show. From there you will then learn how to attract an audience, how to keep them, about the middle of your show and lots of tips and advice for professional street entertainers.

Reviews from online students 

What some previous clients have said about our live courses

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“I really enjoyed the course.  I had been recommended by a few friends and I’m so glad I did it!   I have theatre background,  not a busking background so I really enjoyed learning the theory behind busking.  I would really recommend this course to anyone who is interested in the subject (of busking)” Meg Rose

Street Performer and actor

“I would recommend the school to anyone looking to further their knowledge of street performance.” Darren Campbell


“This is a really enjoyable course to take part in.  I only started doing a street show about 6 weeks ago and it was very slow to develop and I went round in circles trying out different things  This course has been fantastic as it has allowed me to develop my show at a rapid pace.   It has had an accelerating effect on my confidence and my show. ” Dave Richards

Street Performer and hobbyist