Complete Focus Training

3 Day Residential one on one training

Residential Complete Total Focus 3 day training 

The Complete Total Focus with Mario Morris is just that – complete full focus on what you want to work on – through Training, Mentoring, and Coaching. The focus is about you. Your performance, presentation, skills development and planning to take yourself to the next level. Life coaching and planning for breakthroughs.

  • TRAINING – Together we will focus on your performance skills,  sharpen your presentation, work on strengths and weakness.  You will receive lots of one to one feedback.
  • MENTORING –  We will focus on skills development and enhance your performance. For example, acting, character development. presentation skills, as well as audience engagement and management.
  • COACHING – We will also focus on your story  and the next stages of your performance and life i.e. where do you want to take your performance and how to get there? The coaching sessions are and will be very much led by you in regards to the direction we will explore.

For the past ten year’s Mario has worked effectively with students from around the world on a one to one and a residential basis.
This “residential Complete Total Focus 3-day training” is focused, fun, very productive and life changing.

Please note this training is during the week.  Consult with Mario to book it over a weekend for weekend fees.