Attracting an audience.

With a focus on attracting an audience –  keeping things easy whilst attracting an audience is key. As Cellini said in his book The Royal Touch, “…use sound, colour, and movement…” all these ingredients will create curiosity.

  • Sound will grab peoples attention
  • Perform effects that are pleasing to the eyes and are easily processed by your audience. (Complicated effects can be lost on your audience on the streets.)
  • Make every move count, deliberate movement is an attractive tool. It will enhance your performance and you will be to deliver with greater confidence.

On the streets It’s important not to start your show too soon, you want to build your audience first. The ability to clown and interact with your audience is useful to this end. Having effects that you can repeat can be handy as well. For example, simple work with a silk hanky, making it vanish and then reappear or perhaps card magic. Can all be very useful. Think outside the box, there are no hard and fast rules. The streets are a wonderful place to explore and develop your magic, show and performance.

This video is a segment put together for the McBride Magic TV show “Back to Basics”  Watch the full episode here 

We are adding various different modules to our online course and next one will be an extensive focus on “attracting an audience”. Keeping it simple is keeping it smart and effective and is a  powerful way of using magic to reach out to people.

Cellini book – The Royal Touch – available here 

By Mario Morris