Mario Morris Street Performer

Mario Morris Street Performer

Be very cautious of a contract a resort may ask you to sign. First of and most if importantly it is a legal document is it legally binding.

 A basic contract should be signed by at the least two parties and It should outlay the benefits of all parties – if it has a one sided contract that just mainly highlights the resorts or agents benefits then watch out. Look out for any gray areas for example if a  day-of is not mentioned, or something vague is mentioned about your show times or slots make sure this is cleared up before you sign.

If it’s a legal contract you can be sure the person responsible for it will have their details on it stated clearly i.e. the full name of agent or resort manager and your name –  If it does not then who other than yourself is going to be held accountable for the deal.

Some of the best performers in the world are buskers. They are in the business of attracting an audience, keeping an audience and getting an audience to respond to their show, this is what we do. Experts of this field and in my opinion no other trade comes remotely close to the skill demonstrated by these public communicators of entertainment.

If you are an agent or a resort and would like to run a first class busking event then talk to the professionals we are here to help.